What is LYCRA® fibre

When LYCRA® fibre was born it revolutionised women’s wardrobe... it created a new freedom of movement. An invisible but precious ingredient that makes garments unique, LYCRA® fibre has been able to move us physically and emotionally, offering us the right balance between beauty and functionality and introducing new concepts such as comfort and fit to contemporary clothing.
And now LYCRA® is ready to move the world all over again! With a new image and the new brand strategy LYCRA® MOVES YOU dedicated to all of us and to the distinctive added value that LYCRA® brand always offers.

LYCRA® fibre brand

LYCRA® is much more than an extraordinary fibre. It’s a high Value brand, globally known and appreciated by consumers for its quality and continuous innovation. INVISTA – owner of LYCRA® brand – is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibres. Always leader of innovation in the textile and fashion sectors, INVISTA promotes an intensive research and development activity for the textile technology sector and offers a wide high value products portfolio providing extraordinary benefits to garments of all sectors.
LYCRA® was born to move the world, and now is ready to do it all over again! With a new image and the new brand strategy LYCRA® MOVES YOU dedicated to all of us and to the distinctive added value that LYCRA® brand always offers.


  • LYCRA® fibre can be stretched up to seven times its original length without breaking.
  • Once stretched, LYCRA® fibre returns immediately to its original length – over and over again.
  • Long-lasting elasticity.
  • LYCRA® fibre is never used alone. It is used in all types of fabrics and blended with man-made or natural fibres.
  • It is invisible and doesn’t change the external appearance of the fabric.
  • Easy care: Garments with LYCRA® fibre do not need special maintenance.

LYCRA® is trademark of INVISTA



The Ultimate Performance Fabric.


COOLMAX® fabrics features fibres with an engineered cross-section that allows an advanced body moisture management, ensuring benefits such as breathability, thermoregulation and offering a feeling of freshness and wellbeing.
COOLMAX® fabrics guarantee high performances that fit every kind of lifestyle: from daily life garments comfortable and easy to wear, to active and sportswear garments that require high levels of breathability. Thanks to its high performing features, such as thermoregulation, COOLMAX® fabrics perfectly answer the needs of professional athletes, even during extreme weather conditions.

COOLMAX® Everyday Fabric
Lightweight and breathable, it's ideal for those who love to dress informally every day while enjoying a consistent feeling of freshness and comfort.

COOLMAX® Active Fabric
It carries sweat to the outside for optimum comfort, not only in the workplace but also when participating in sports.

COOLMAX® Extreme Fabric
Designed for professional athletes, thanks to its special ability to manage sweat, it can actually lower body temperature by lowering the amount of energy burned while engaged in sports.


  • It dries rapidly
  • Excellent body humidity management while maintaining a fresh feeling
  • Light weight paired with excellent breathable power

COOLMAX® is trademark of INVISTA



Fabric and Insulation lightweight warmth for all activities.




THERMOLITE® fabrics are made with a fibre mixture that guarantees excellent durability and fast moisture and heat evaporation away from the skin. THERMOLITE® combines outstanding insulation performances without adding extra weight and is engineered to ensure perfect fit without giving up on comfort.

THERMOLITE® is trademark of INVISTA