The Ultimate Performance Fabric.

COOLMAX® fabrics features fibres with an engineered cross-section that allows an advanced body moisture management, ensuring benefits such as breathability, thermoregulation and offering a feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

COOLMAX® fabrics guarantee high performances that fit every kind of lifestyle: from daily life garments comfortable and easy to wear, to active and sportswear garments that require high levels of breathability.

Thanks to its high performing features, such as thermoregulation, COOLMAX® fabrics perfectly answer the needs of professional athletes, even during extreme weather conditions.

  • Excellent body humidity management while maintaining a fresh feeling

  • Easy-care

  • Light weight paired with excellent breathable powerBuona permeabilità all'aria

  • Must meet a minimum insulation (CLO) requirement

  • Good fabric stability

  • It dries rapidly