As a fiber technology brand, innovation has always been at the core of the LYCRA® brand.

LYCRA® is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state – time and again. LYCRA® fibers have redefined comfort, fit, freedom of movement and shape retention in virtually every garment category since its first use as a substitute for rubber over 50 years ago.  

LYCRA® fibers are a versatile, invisible ingredient that improves the characteristics of natural and man-made host fabrics. They have fundamentally transformed close-to-the-body garment categories such as swimwear, hosiery and intimate apparel. They enhance the drape, shape, comfort and appearance of outerwear. And they have played a key part in the development of entirely new active and performance sportswear concepts. 

The LYCRA Company’s unique science base ensures that, each year, LYCRA® fiber innovations add more consumer value to more premium quality garments than ever before – and create more new business opportunities for mills, brand, retailers and others in the apparel value chain.

  • LYCRA® fibre can be stretched up to seven times its original length without breaking.

  • LYCRA® fibre is never used alone. It is used in all types of fabrics and blended with man-made or natural fibres.

  • Once stretched, LYCRA® fibre returns immediately to its original length – over and over again.

  • Long-lasting elasticity.

  • It is invisible and doesn’t change the external appearance of the fabric.

  • Easy care: Garments with LYCRA® fibre do not need special maintenance.